Post-Secondary Education

“The Keys to a Bright Future”

A recent study conducted by the nation’s leading economists brought to light a stark, but not too surprising fact: the difference in income and socio-economic status between those who gain some form of higher education beyond high school and those who do not will be more pronounced than ever before. There will be very little middle ground; those who do not seek higher education can expect a low-paying, dead-end job at the very best.

Helping qualified kids achieve higher education goals is a very wise investment in our future. People who graduate from some form of post-high school training make more money, enjoy longer careers, and contribute exponentially more to our tax base. They also tend to make significant contributions to society.

As your state representative, I will fight to keep tuition low at our Regent’s institutions and make access to financial aid easier and more affordable. I will work to keep the Iowa Tuition Grant an option for those who wish to attend one of Iowa’s twenty-nine independent colleges and universities. I will advocate for greater opportunities for those wishing to enter vocational or technical training.

As your state representative, I will invest in our bright and promising youth. This is an investment in our future we simply cannot afford to ignore.

Scott will work to keep higher education affordable.