Scott is endorsed by numerous Warren County neighbors and community leaders from across Iowa. 

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9 endorsements

  1. Jeff Kurtz, Chairman Iowa State Legislative Board, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, Member of the Teamster Rail Conference on said:

    A no bull, straight shooting candidate for the working people of House District 26 in the great state of Iowa.

  2. Scott is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He TRULY cares about the issues facing our community and our state. He is motivated and is dedicated to getting the job done. We would be lucky to have him!

  3. Scott is a great guy and will represent this area with enthusiasm and care. He listens, then he goes to work. I look forward to him representing me in the Iowa House!

  4. Scott is the right man for the Iowa House. Let’s all do our part to make sure he gets there. When he does, we’ll have a Representative of whom we can be proud!

  5. Eric Richards, Coordinator of Student Services, Salem-Keizer School District, Salem, Oregon on said:

    I have known Scott since our college days together at Graceland University. While in college he was a keen student of public policy and government affairs, and became Student Body President. Scott may be the most outgoing person I’ve ever known, with a genuine love for people and the issues that impact their lives. He is extremely intelligent, very comfortable in roles of leadership, and holds passionate feelings and opinions about matters of great importance to the human family. I’ve long felt that public service would be his destiny, and I have no doubt that if elected he will work hard, care deeply, listen closely, serve with courage and devotion, and help make good things happen for the great state of Iowa. In times that are crying out for caring leaders, he is the right choice for your district.

  6. Scott has the work ethic, intelligence and focus on what matters to Iowans to carry our American values forward to meet the challenges facing Iowans.

  7. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Mr.Ourth on several occasions. Those meetings, as well as learning of his long history of civil service has convinced me no better man could be called upon to serve the people of the 26th. His warmth, intelligence, and genuine desire to serve Iowa are the makings of an ideal representative. Most importantly, Mr.Ourth has empathy, a true desire to understand the many challenges faced by the people of Iowa. He has spent his professional life addressing those problems, using his experience to arrive at common sense solutions. On a more personal note, I am a member of the disabled community and I truly admire Mr.Ourth’s work for the disabled throughout the last decade. I cannot wait to see him in the Iowa House.

  8. I have known Scott for many years and am sure that he will work hard for all Iowans. I would encourage you to vote for him as he will do what is right. I would trust him with the key to my store.